Flaming vertical logs for campfires or torches

Fire Dragon Logs - a vertical campfire logFire Dragon Logs

Vertical campfire? Try a Fire Dragon Log - just insert a bit of paper and a few dry twigs into the hole in the centre of the log and light. A 2ft x 14" diameter log will have a burn time of approx two hours.

A great idea for campfires or driveway torches.

Campfires can be dangerous so a common sense approach is needed; flames can blow a considerable distance in high winds and burning pieces of log can fall away from the main log so the Fire Dragon Log must be sat on a non flamable surface.

Nothing flamable should be allowed into a 4 meter radius around the burning log. Never leave your fire unattended or allow it to grow out of control. Don't let children go too close to the fire or leave them to attend it unsupervised by an adult.

Fire Dragon Logs RRP at £15 each but when bought direct from us cost just £10.

They can be posted within the UK from as little as £4 per dragon. For more information please telephone 01341 430628

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