Bundles of holly cut to order

Freshly cut bundles of holly . Wholesale or retail quantities available

Bundles of Holly by Mail

A kilogram of carefully selected holly stems ready for making wreaths or Christmas decorations. Ideal for florists and hobbyists alike, a kilo is sufficient to make around four 10" holly wreaths.

All our holly is harvested to order from our own sustainable woodland and we have taken guidance from an award winning florist to ensure we collect only the best holly with minimum waste. Try some and see the difference!


1 kg £6.50 + £9.75 postage 
3 kg £18.00 + £12.60 postage
9 kg £50.00 + £21.52 postage

Wholesale Holly

Wholesale holly orders for over 9kg are available at £5.50 per kg and must be collected from Dolgellau, Wales LL40 2TU.

To order your holly or for more information, please telephone 01341 430628 or email

We only supply holly; please visit for all your other wreath making supplies including wreath frames, ribbon, pine cones etc.

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