Sticks, Staffs & Poles

Blank walking Stick Shafts, Shanks, Thumb Sticks, Staffs and Poles

Patio Plants, Lancashire PR4 6AE:

Seasoned and freshly cut sticks of hawthorn, elm, hazel, ash, sycamore and willow available for you to straighten, craft and finish to your own specification.

All our sticks are hand selected from our own sustainable coppice plantations and our own hedgerows; nothing at all is bought in.

Current (seasoned and unseasoned) walking stick blanks for sale include straight shafts, thumb sticks and many interesting single piece walking sticks in hawthorn, blackthorn, hazel, elm, ash and sycamore. Fresh walking stick stock is harvested between January and March each year.

Walking stick shank of any length: £4
Walking stick shank with Honeysuckle twist: £10
Thumb Stick (one piece) any length: £5
Staffs (for Wizards or Walking): From £5
Basha / Bivvy Poles: From £1/ft
Yurt Poles: From £1/ft
Tee Pee Poles: £POA
Rustic Poles for window dressing / exhibitions: £POA
Thick milled boards for making walking stick handles, food chopping boards, custom table / bar tops etc: £POA

Feel free to browse all cut stock at your leisure. Sticks can also be cut to order... tell us your requirements and we will see if we can find exactly what you are looking for without any obligation to buy.


We do not sell straightened sticks, finished walking sticks or supply any sticks via mail order. Please make an appointment to view our full stock and browse without any commitment at your leisure.


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